Gái Già Lắm Chiêu 3 – Movie Premiere

Gái Già Lắm Chiêu 3 – Movie Premiere

Date: 16th October 2019

On the afternoon of 16th October 2019, Mar6 Pictures - the production house of the renowned project Gái Già Lắm Chiêu 3 had a movie premiere at Mai House Saigon. The event not only featuring the entire production team but also attracted a lot of media attention with the participation of many celebrities.

Especially, the event was also noticeable by the appearance of supercars with a total value of over 200 billion in order to emphasize the appearance of the cast and famous guests on the red carpet. The space of the press conference was gaudily and sumptuously decorated with plush orchestra, sophisticated chandelier, and premium high tea session... in the upper-class style of the elite.

Link press release + photos: https://xonefm.com/gai-gia-lam-chieu-su-tro-lai-cua-lan-ngoc-sau-1-nam-ngung-dong-phim-dien-anh/

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