Caramel Cascade - Sweet Bitterness to the Coffee Full of Freshness

Caramel Cascade - Sweet Bitterness to the Coffee Full of Freshness

Thơm Lounge is excited to introduce a new signature coffee to our menu - the Caramel Cascade. Created by our talented barista, this coffee features three distinct layers that are inspired by the signature coffees from three different regions of Vietnam.
At the bottom of the glass, you'll find a layer of coffee jelly that provides a bitter and slightly chewy texture. On top of that, there's a layer of coconut coffee ice blended to perfection, creating a smooth and creamy middle layer. The top layer is made of salted foam milk, which adds a slightly savory note to the beverage. And finally, the drink is topped with a generous drizzle of caramel sauce, adding a touch of sweetness to the overall blend.
But it's not just the flavors that make the Caramel Cascade so special. This drink is also a feast for the eyes, with its beautiful layers and appealing look that is perfect for sharing on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Signature Caramel Cascade Coffee at Thơm Lounge


The Caramel Cascade is made with Thom Lounge's "Mai" blended coffee beans, which are roasted to perfection to bring out the rich and complex flavors of the coffee. Our barista has carefully crafted this drink to balance the sweetness of the caramel with the savory notes of the salted foam milk and the bitterness of the coffee.

We're confident that you'll love this new addition to our menu. For a delicious and unique way to treat yourself to something special, please visit Thơm Lounge and let our barista create a Caramel Cascade just for you.


VND 200,000++


Thơm Lounge, Ground Floor



For more info, please contact our hotline at 028 7303 9000 or our email at

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