Travel Advisory Policy

Mai House Saigon understands that from time-to-time your booking may be affected by weather or natural disasters that are not planned.  In such cases, we make every possible effort to keep you informed and to provide you with the level of service that you require so that you can manage your bookings and plan around these unforeseen circumstances. If a Travel Advisory exists, we will display details about the advisory, how your booking may be affected and the process for how to proceed with as little stress and inconvenience as possible.

Community Support

As a guest of Mai House Saigon we appreciate your loyalty and the trust you place in us as a travel partner.

Recognizing the ongoing and increased uncertainty that coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing around the world, our highest priority is the health and wellbeing of our guests and employees. With that in mind we wanted to update you on the actions we have taken in response to the outbreak.

The hospitality industry has always prided itself on its role within local communities. At Mai House Saigon, we call this True Hospitality – and that is what our teams strive to deliver every day to guests around the world.

Currently, we are not able to do that in the way we normally would, and our team has had to find new ways to support those around us. We are working with our hotels, and charity partners, to ease pressure on foodbanks through funding, donating excess food and assisting with deliveries.

Coronavirus (Covid-19): Supporting Your Health, Safety and Well-being

Our number one priority is your health, safety and well-being. We are closely monitoring developments around the world and are in contact with relevant authorities for country-specific requirements, to ensure the actions we take are comprehensive and suitable.

 We are required to adhere to comprehensive health and safety procedures including all local laws. In addition, we provide our hotels with best practices and guidelines and have supplemented these resources with additional COVID-19 cleanliness specific guidance, training and information consistent with our own high standards.

- Activation of response teams to provide around-the-clock assistance to our hotels. Maintain the on-site epidemic prevention procedures including the application of medical declarations, body temperature measurements of all guests and staff arriving and leaving our hotel.

- Increase the frequency of cleaning rooms, facilities, and public areas (including lobbies, elevators, door handles, public bathrooms) and high-touch points in guest rooms with cleaning products and protocols which are effective against viruses (like Cloramin B).

- Review food and beverage service in accordance with current food safety recommendations.

- Coordinate with Management Board and heads of departments to accomplish and practice scenarios to cope with each hypothetical situation.

- Ensuring the number of drugs and medical equipment. Guide the process, treatment regimens, minimize the risk of infection.

- Supply and encourage all employees to use Vitamin C to enhance resistance.

Temporary Hotel Closures & Reduction in Services

Due to current circumstances in line with legislation and current best practice, some of our services are temporarily suspending operations e.g. reduction in restaurant and bar service, alternative guest room furnishings and/or amenities. These changes are temporary and normal amenity and service levels will be reinstated as soon as possible and in accordance with legal requirements.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and look forward to resuming normal operations and welcoming our guests back at the appropriate time.