"Hành Trình Rực Rỡ 2023" Press Conference

Mai House Saigon Hotel is honored to be the official venue sponsor for the press conference "Hành trình rực rỡ 2023". This reality TV program is organized by Đông Tây Promotion, with the appearance of artists Trường Giang, Isaac, Diễn Viên Thúy Ngân, Bích Phương, Lê Dương, Bảo Lâm, Negav.... The show promises to bring a journey to discover and honor history and culture at landmarks across the country. Meanwhile, vigorously growing domestic tourism is strongly promoted, particularly the rich diversity of Vietnamese cuisine. Hence, the audience will have opportunities to admire stunning landscapes, experience local culture and cuisine, and meet local communities from all three regions of the North, Central, and South.
Date: 30th May 2023



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