Grand Saigon Ballroom

Attain more with well-tailored events at Grand Saigon Ballroom. Your inestimable experiences will not only be brilliant and bewitching but also engaging, polished, and efficient.

 Location3rd floor

 Phone028 7303 9000

Grand Saigon Ballroom is designed to capture a genuine sense of place that will inspire and be efficacious. Featuring vaulted ceilings, ornate chandeliers, and a pillar-less room, Grand Saigon Ballroom can be versatilely customizable to facilitate your event. Large picturesque arched windows that bathe the 500sqm flushed with an abundance of natural light, provide views of our neighborhood's exotic tree-lined, which forms a verdant backdrop specifically suited for romantic events. Plus, high-powered laser projectors (7,000 Ansi Lumen) with 220-inch screens, built-in sub-woofer speakers, customizable lighting, and a room divider are also equipped. Easily accessible from the lobby via the grand staircase, Grand Saigon Ballroom is perfect for a dramatic entrance on a special day.

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Capacity & Floor plan




U - Shape

Long Table


Board Table

Grand Saigon Ballroom15 x 31.74804.5504306150180310-400
Saigon 115 x 203004.5300180105110180-250
Saigon 215 x 11.71804.514072334080-120
Saigon 318.9 x 6.71272.780635230703080
Saigon 44.8 x 6.2302.7--- -12-
Saigon 510.5 x 7.3772.740271820402050
Pre-function space29.5 x 22.54605.5------300
Bến Thành Boardroom7.7 x 8.4652.940271820301220
Gia Định Exclusive Meeting Suite12 x 7.91202.9---10151215
FLOOR PLAN (Click here to view a larger image)
floor plan image

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