The Fulfilled Moonlight - A Mooncake Collection Like No Other

The Fulfilled Moonlight - A Mooncake Collection Like No Other
Mai House Saigon Hotel is excited to announce the launch of its first-ever mooncake collection, the Fulfilled Moonlight, for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. This year's collection is more than just mooncakes, it's a journey through time and tradition.
The Fulfilled Moonlight collection is a blend of traditional and modern elements, featuring exquisite flavors, unique designs, and luxurious packaging. The collection is inspired by the Mid-Autumn moonlight, lotus, and lantern, and offers a variety of flavors, both savory and sweet, to satisfy every taste bud.

The Fulfilled Moonlight Collection by Mai House Saigon Hotel

The collection includes two types of boxes, each with a unique design, inspired by the lotus leaf and the lantern. The "Dạ Nguyệt Viên Mãn" box contains four cakes, delicately crafted with mixed nuts, black sesame, green tea, and pandan, and is priced at VND 1,099,000. The "Bảo Ngọc Liên Đăng" box contains five cakes, each with a unique flavor, and is priced at VND 1,399,000.

The "Dạ Nguyệt Viên Mãn" Box


The " Bảo Ngọc Liên Đăng" box

"We are thrilled to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with our guests by introducing the Fulfilled Moonlight collection," said Mr. Olivier Revy, General Manager of Mai House Saigon Hotel. "Our team has carefully chosen each cake to ensure that they are not only delicious but also represent the traditional elements of the festival. We want our guests to experience the taste of traditional mooncakes with a modern twist, and we believe the Fulfilled Moonlight collection is the perfect way to do so."

The Fulfilled Moonlight collection will be available at Thơm Lounge, located on the ground floor of Mai House Saigon Hotel, at No. 1 Ngo Thoi Nhiem Street, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3. Don't miss out on this opportunity to embark on a journey of tradition and modernity. 

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